The Stair Core is a pioneering product that radically simplifies the installation of stairwells within structures.

Using the same principles as the Lift Shaft systems the Stair Core allows stairwells to be quickly erected on site to close dimensional tolerances.

The Stair Cores consist of precast box sections with internally fitted precast stairs and landings. If required the units can be designed to act as shear cores, using the same post-tensioned system as the smaller Struct-Core.

The Stair Core can be configured to suit any project, if required the cores can be combined with Lift Shafts and wing walls to create larger core structures.

Technical Information


Stair Cores can be built to suit any size, 25mm increments are preferable to suit our standard moulds but any size is achievable.

Wall Thicknesses:

The Stair Core has a standard wall thickness of 200mm. This can be increased dependant on design requirements. Cores that are not to take lateral loads may have their wall thicknesses decreased.

Core Loading:

Stair Cores are designed as standard to support their own self weight plus that of the stairs and landings within as well as imposed loads from within the stairwell. The cores can be designed to support members such as beams and slabs from the main structure.

Stair Cores can be designed to cater for lateral loads from the main structure, allowing the core to contribute to the overall stability of the building.


An engineer designed base to suit local ground condition is required (by others).

Key Technical Benefits

  • Quick installation
  • Built to close dimensional tolerances
  • Can be built ahead of main structure providing instant access
  • Cast in fixing points for adjoining members
  • Minimum one hour fire resistance (more possible by design)
  • Can be designed to contribute to stability of main structure


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