The Waycon Precast Concrete Lift Shaft is a pioneering pre-cast concrete lift shaft that has radically simplified lift shaft and lift installations.

This system provides an easy to assemble modular solution whereby concrete sections are stacked one on top of the other, reducing on-site time and costs.

Manufactured to the highest standards in controlled factory conditions the lift shaft fully complies with all relevant safety standards and codes of practice, and has been designed to minimize health and safety issues on site as well as environmental impacts.

All shafts are bespoke products and can be configured to suit any project. Precision engineering means that when it arrives on site the sections are quick and safe to install.

Technical Information


Lift Shafts can be built to suit any size, 25mm increments are preferable to suit our standard moulds but any size is achievable.

Wall Thicknesses:

The Lift Shaft has a standard wall thickness of 140mm. This can be increased dependant on design requirements. Other common wall thicknesses are 150mm, 160mm & 200mm.

Lift Loading:

Lift Shafts are as standard designed to support all loading from the lift equipment during installation, operation and maintenance. The Lift Shaft can also be designed to support vertical loads from other structural elements such as slabs and beams.

Lift Pits:

Lift Shafts as standard are provided with a pre cast pit section, tanked with a liquid asphalt compound to protect against water ingress.


Lift Shafts are designed as simple free-standing gravity structures. Shafts of 4 stories or more will require tying back to the main structure at every 4th floor to provide lateral restraint. Where shafts are to be erected ahead of the main structure it may be necessary to provide temporary support. Please contact the technical department for more information.


 An engineer designed base to suit local ground condition is required (by others). This may need to cater for residual overturning moments from the shaft in the temporary state.

Key Technical Benefits

  • Flexible, modular system
  • Strong high quality product
  • Quick installation – four/five storey lift shafts erected in a day
  • Built to close dimensional tolerances
  • Cast in fittings provided for lift installation
  • Factory fitted and tested lifting beam/sockets
  • Minimum one hour fire resistance (more possible by design)


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