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Waycon Precast Limited supplies modular, pre-cast concrete lift shafts according to the Patent Number GB 2363110. The proprietary system and associated know how has been developed to overcome problems that are frequently encountered when lift mechanicals are installed in lift shafts constructed by conventional methods.

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Engineers Compliance

The design of Pre-Cast Concrete Lift Shafts complies with the following British Standards and Codes of Practice.

  • BS 8110 Part 1 (1997) structural use of concrete.
  • BS 6399 Part 1 (1984) Code of practice for dead & imposed loads.
  • BS 6399 Part 2 (1995) Code of practice for wind loads.
  • BS 449 (1995) Code of practice for wind loads.
  • BS 648 (1964) Schedule of weights of building materials.
  • BS EN 81-1 (1998) Safety rules for the construction & installation of electric lifts.

The shafts have been designed to resist the greater of the following loads.

  • Two horizontal points loads of 4.5 kN (guide loads) applied along the wall centreline at 8000mm centres.
  • A point load of 600N applied at right angles to any part of the wall over an area of 5cm² in round or square.